Black Hearts

Black Hearts Series – Steamy Dark Mafia Romance Stories

Her Vengeful King ‣ Book One

Callum Murphy

Intense, overbearing, protective.

When he showed up with a gunshot wound and asked me to lie to the police, I knew I had a decision to make. I could risk my entire career to protect him, or I could do the right thing and turn him in. The choice should have been easy, but it wasn’t. Not when his brother was my friend.

Lines were blurred, and suddenly the morals in my life were tipped upside down. We’d been taught to trust those in uniform, but what if the monster standing before me—swearing to keep me safe—wasn’t the bad guy at all? What if he was the only one who could save me from myself?

Everyone thought I was a liar. Except him. And he took justice into his own hands.

Haley Savino.

Cold, distant, secretive.

Everything she was, I shouldn’t want. She stole my breath away the second I laid eyes on her and earned my protection when she proved her loyalty.

But something was haunting her. And when she finally told me the truth, I stopped at nothing to bring her vengeance.

Boston thought I was evil. But if loving her was wrong, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

His Remorseful King ‣ Book Two

Patrick “Paddy” Murphy

Secretive, Quiet, Reserved.

The mafia taught him just how disastrous secrets and lies were. Despite that, he kept the deepest, dirtiest secrets of them all. His desire for men, or rather one man—me—was only the start of them. If the family or—even worse, a rival family—found out about us, life as Paddy knew it would cease to exist.

It was as if the universe knew this and tried to keep us apart. From Army Deployments and near death experiences to a secret baby, everything that could go wrong did. I didn’t know how much more I could take, until he committed the ultimate crime.

One final act of betrayal, and he might as well have ripped my heart from my chest. There’s no going back, and he has to learn to pay the price for his mistakes.

Michael “Griff” Griffin

Stubborn, resentful, mine.

He had every right to hate me, to never want me again. I betrayed him, broke him, but despite all of the mistakes of my past, Griffin would always have my heart.

We went through too much pain and heartache to just give up, and I would stop at nothing to earn his love back—even if it meant putting him before my brother’s orders and refusing to marry a woman in La Famiglia—the mother of my unborn child.

The skeletons in my closet are too much to bear. Will I be able to bury them, or will my dirty laundry be aired?

His Vengeful Queen ‣ A Novella

Callum Murphy.

Cruel, manipulative, and vindictive.

He’s the villain for most, but he’s the hero of my story. I’ll do anything to protect him. I owe him that much. But he owes me more.

This is not a stand-alone romance. You must at least read Her Vengeful King before reading this novella. It’s recommended to also read His Remorseful King as there is a plot that is carried over into this story line.

His Ruthless Queen ‣ Book Three

Saoirse Murphy.

Fierce, stubborn, strong.

She was the temptation I couldn’t give in to. I would’ve gone through hell for her. Even if it meant removing myself from her life to save her the heartache that comes from being with a Made Man.

But when she needed me, I couldn’t resist her call. I would always be there for her. Even if it meant seeing her in the hands of another man. At least that’s what I told myself. Saoirse was walking temptation, and I didn’t believe I could resist.

Jameson Scott Burne.

Best friend, confidant, protector.

I’d always loved him, but he left me, destroying everything before we even had a chance. He was my everything until he wasn’t. He swore we could be nothing, until I called his bluff.

But when the bratva prince wanted to force me into marriage to cement his hold over Boston, Scotty came back. He claimed me—tried to make up for the past.

Could I trust him to keep me safe? Could the man who left me be trusted with my life, now that I was engaged to someone else?